Accessing care while you wait for your Home Care Package

May 30, 2020

Once approved for a Home Care Package the wait time depends on a number of factors, such as the date of your ACAT assessment or when and where funding has been released by The Australian Government.

How long do you have to wait for your Home Care Package funding:

A general wait time for government-funded Home Care Packages is:

Home Care Package level Approximate. Wait Time
Level 1 3-6 months
Level 2 12+ months
Level 3 12+ months
Level 4 12+ months


We know there is no magic formula to help you ‘jump the queue’ with My Aged Care, however being prepared, understanding the process and working with a knowledgeable partner like myHomecare will ensure whatever your immediate need, you will feel well informed to make the right decision.

What if I need home care now?

Depending on availability in your region, we may be able to support you with interim services through the Government’s Commonwealth Home Support Program or another interim or transitional program. We can even guide you through the option of private services to bridge the gap while you wait. Just call us and we’ll talk you through it because helping people is what we do every day.

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My needs have changed, can I be reassessed for a Home Care Package?

You may find, over time, that some of the tasks you use to do are now becoming a little bit more difficult. You may have been receiving some basic services but you feel that these are now not adequate and you need more help at home.

No matter when your circumstances change we can assist you to access more care. For example, if you were originally assessed as having low-care needs, but your needs have increased or health decreased since then, we can help you to request a reassessment by your local ACAT to determine if you are eligible for high-level care. If you are already in receipt of a Level 4 package, you may need to consider other options, including working with your Care Manager to review your care plan in order to identify alternatives and priorities topping up your services with self-funding or short-term respite to complement your package. Speak to us first and we’ll guide you on your next steps to more care at home.

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